Applications of Large CNC Machining

Large part machining is a type of CNC machining directed towards making large machine parts. Like a regular CNC machining process, it is subtractive. Therefore, different machine tools are directed by a computer to remove parts of a very large workpiece. The unique thing about Large diameter machining is that it is not a straightforward process. Many industries require CNC machining in making parts used in their products, tools, or machines. However, due to size, there is a limited number of industries using the process. Below are common industries that use Large CNC Machining:

The automotive industry uses small-scale CNC machining for making their prototype vehicles. However, in real-time production, they favor large CNC machining in making parts used in their engine, shaft and other vehicle components.

The aviation industry relies on large CNC machining because of high precision and accuracy. It is the better method because it offers on-demand replacement and upgraded parts of their machines.

Equipment use in mining is strong and large. This is because of the stress associated with mining. Therefore, large diameter machining is the right process for making parts such as gear racks, ranging arms and gearboxes.

Oil and Gas
Large CNC machining is crucial in drilling stations to make the large part of their equipment. Examples of such parts are the connecting rods, mud/fracking pumps, and gearboxes.

Energy and Power Generation
In order to efficiently generate energy, there is a need for parts of large size. Manufacturing these parts requires properties excluded to CNC machining. Large CNC machining is the idea for the process because of the size of the products. Examples of such products are power generation engines and turbine casings.

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