CNC KG316T 220V LCD Din Rail Time Switch

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Color: White
Model: KG316T-220V
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Rated insulation voltage Ui: AC380V
Rated control power supply voltage: AC220V, AC380V
Use category: Ue: AC110V/AC220V/AC380V;
Ie: 6.5A/3A/1.9A;
Ith: 10A; AC-15
Shell protection grade: IP20
Pollution degree: Level 3
Load power: resistive load: 6kW;
Inductive load: 1.8kW;
Motor load: 1.2kW;
Lamp load: 0.9kW.
The switching time can be cycled by day or week, the longest time is 168 hours, and the shortest time is 1 minute.
Single output: It can be set to 16 on and 16 off at most every day, with functions such as keyboard lock and time correction
Mechanical life: greater than or equal to 1 million times
Electric life: greater than or equal to 100,000 times


It is suitable for the control circuit with AC 50/60Hz voltage below 380V as a delay timing element. The power supply of various control circuits can be turned on or off at a predetermined time, and is suitable for street lights, neon lights, advertising signs, radio and television equipment, and various household appliances.

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