CNC TP8A16 Relay Timer Control 16A 30A

Type: 220 VAC
Size: 36*66*82mm
Model: TP8A16-16A
Sale price$10.98 USD


Operating Voltage:AC 220~240V 50Hz/60Hz Power Consumption:4.5VA Ambient Temperature:-10~+-50°C
Accuracy:≤2s/day 25°C
Minimum Setting Unit:1 Min
Time Setting Range:1 Min~168 hours
Lamp Load: 1000W
Resistive load: 16A/250VAC (cosΦ=1)
Inductive load: 3A/250VAC (cosΦ=0.6)
Working Reserve Time:48 hour charged can lasts 15 days
Mounting:DIN rail mounting

THC16A Microcomputer time control switch is mainly used in the multi-stage time period to control multiple circuits on or off, that have more and more contact output cycle setting. According to the time set by the user,automatically turn on and turn off the varity of electrical equipment.Control object can lights,light boxes,neon signs,production equipment,agriculture,aquaculture,warehouse exhaust dehumidifier automatically preheat optimal control products,such as radio and television equipment.Lithium battery inside,high-precision,industrial-grade chips,strong anti-jamming.

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