CNC YC9VA Digital Voltage and Current Display

Color: White
Size: 36*50*84mm
Model: YC9VA
Sale price$15.00 USD



Type:YC9VA ​Rated frequency:50Hz ​Maximum voltage adjustment range:230V~300V ​Minimum voltage adjustment range:120V~220V ​Range of adjustment of the maximum current:1A~63A ​Installtion:35mm Din Rail ​Package includes:1 x YC9VA,1 x Box.


YC9VA votage and current display relay is a microprocessor-based voltage monitoring device for single-phase AC networks to protect electrical equipment from surge voltage. The device analyzes the main voltage and displays its current value on a digital indicator. Load is switched by electromagnetic relay. The user can set the current voltage value and delay time through the button. The value is stored in non-volatile memory. Aluminum wires and copper wires can be used for connection.


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