CNC YCM7-125S/3300 3P MCCB

Color: Grey
Size: 105*96*160mm
Model: YCM7-125S/3300-50A
Sale price$29.67 USD


Rated Current:125A
Rated voltage Ue(V):AC400V
Short-circuit breaking capacity Icu/1cs(kA):15kA
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V):AC800V

YCM7 Series circuit breaker were developed according to the demand of domestic and international market as well as features of like products. Its rated insulation voltage up to 690V is suitable for AC 50Hz distribution network circuit whose rated operation voltage is up to 690V with rated operation current up to 300A. lt can distribute power, protect the circuit and spare the power supply devices from overload, short circuit and under voltage. At the same time, it can Protect the motor from overload, short circuit and under voltage. This series circuit breake features small volume, high breaking capacity and short arcing. It can be installed vertically and also installed horizontally. It complies with standards of IEC60947-2.

Product Feature
Miniaturization The volume of products are miniaturized. For example, 125 is the shell upgraded type of 63, that can satisfy the personal requirement for size.

The consistent size They have same shell grade and size but different breaking capacities(C,S,M) well as functions(air,leakage of power)

The proper setting of parameter This series can modify long delay time of inverse-time limit when it comes to overloading and parameter of short ciecuit instantaneous operation. The user can sets the protection features by himself to realize a more proper distribution in network circuit.

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