CNC YCQ1B-63 2P Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

Poles Number: 2P
Model: YCQ1B-63 2P-63A
Sale price$55.00 USD



Working frequency:50Hz/60Hz
Rated voltage:400V
Operating Voltage:220V
Standards compliant:IEC60947-6-1
Operation method:Automatic and manual
ATS level:CB
Conversion time:≤2s
Current specifications:10A-63A
Conversion method:Self-return

Product Overview

The dual power automatic switch is used to switch between two power sources. It is divided into common power supply and standby power supply. When the common power supply is powered off, the standby power supply is used. When the common power supply is called, the common power supply is restored), if you do not need automatic switching in special circumstances, you can also set it to manual switching (this type of manual / automatic dual-use, arbitrary adjustment).




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