CNC YCQ4-100E/3P Automatic Dual Power Switch

Size: 108*77*96mm
Model: YCQ4-100E-3P-63A
Sale price$36.50 USD



Dual power automatic switch is a newly developed micro household power switch.The switch is mainly used to test whether the main power supply or standby power is normal.When the normal power supply is abnormal,the standby power supply will immediately start to work,to ensure the continuity,reliability and safety of the power supply,This product is specially designed for domestic track installation and is specially used for PZ30 distribution box. ​Dual power automatic switch is suitable for 50 or 60Hz rated 400V AC emergency power supply system.ATS has the characteristics of solid structure,reliable conversion,easy installation and maintenance and long life.It is widely used in a variety of occasions when can not sustain power failure,that is ,reliable electrical work,but also manual operation.ATS is made up of TSE and controller. ​According to GB/T14048.11,makes part 6-1:multi-function equipment and switching equipment,ATS is the most suitable low-voltage switching equipment and control device.


Type:YCQA-100E/3P ​Rated working current:63A,100A ​Rated working voltage:220V AC ​Insulation voltage:690VAC ​Impact-resistant voltage:8kA ​Tse Class:PC ​Frequency:50/60Hz ​Standard:IEC60947-6-1

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