CNC YCS6-C 1P+NPE 20-40kA AC House Surge Protector SPD

Size: 36*50*84mm
Model: 1P+NPE 20-40kA
Sale price$13.30 USD



Type:YCS6-C ​Poles:1P+NPE ​Nominal Discharge Current In(kA):20 ​Maximum Discharge Current Imax(kA):40 ​Maximum Continuous Operating Operating Voltage Uc(V~):385V ​Standard:IEC/EN 61643-1 ​Certificate:CE


YCS6 C series Surge Protection Device is suitable for TT, IT, TN-S, TN-C and TN-C-S, the power supply system with the rated voltage up to 230/400V and AC 50/60Hz. It can work as the equipotential bonding when the lightning strike. Its design corresponds to IEC61643 1, GB18802.1 and GB50057. ​ ​The product is mainly applied to protect the low voltage electric equipment and Prevent the surge causing by the thunder Or switching overvoltage. As a univoltage limiting device, YCS6-C is equipped with the heavy-duty Zinc Oxide piezoresistor. YCS6 C series (Protection level: II) Protection Device need to be installed on the up link of the equipment, connecting with outer conductor(L) or neutral conductor(N) and the earthing device. Users can install the YCS6 C in the boundary of LPZOA or LPZ1, usually in the incoming line low voltage main distribution box.

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