CNC YCS6-B AC 385V 2P Surge Protective Device Low-voltage Arrester Device

Size: 36*50*84mm
Model: YCS6-B 40-80kA 54mm
Sale price$20.30 USD



Product Name:Surge Protective Device ​Type:YCS6-B ​Poles:2P ​Nominal Discharge Current In(kA):30,40,60 ​Maximum Discharge Current Imax(kA):60,80,100 ​Maximum Continuous Operating Operating Voltage Uc(V~):385V ​Standard:IEC 61643-1 ​Certificate:CE


YCS6 B series Surge Protection Device is suitable for TT, IT, TN-S, TN-C and TN-C-S, the power supply system with the rated voltage up to 230/4 00V and AC 50/60Hz. Its design corresponds to IEC61643 1, GB18802.1 and GB50057. The product is usually installed in the incoming line low voltage distribution box of the building, and it can release 100kA lightning stroke current.

YCS6-B 30-60kA

YCS6-B 40-80kA

YCS6-B 60-100kA

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